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Comments Off on Another Burn Lounge Scam Hits South Carolina! | Posted by Tom Steele on June 26, 2010

We talked about the C-Prime bracelets on the show the other day. Hawk had seen Harry Connick Jr. talking about them at a concert and was curious about how they worked. After doing some research, I found that fitnews.com is reporting that they are being promoted in South Carolina by former University of South Carolina running back Rob DeBoer who was implicated in the Burnlounge pyramid scam that was shut down by the Federal Trade Commission.

Now there is this magic bracelet that somehow improves your balance, ability to stretch, strength and more. We had a distributor in the studio to demonstrate it and I was not convinced. Of four tests, I could only find one that seemed to make any difference at all, and in some cases I was able to perform the test better without the bracelet. So, how does it work? I know many of you have been convinced by the tests that distributors of the C-Prime bracelet (or irenew / power balance) give and seem to really make a difference.

I did some research and I have come to believe it is good old-fashioned placebo effect. This video with a blind test on the Power Balance Bracelet (which used the exact same tests and the C-Prime bracelet now uses) probably shows it better than anything I could say. Basically, they did the tests that the distributors do and they worked exactly as they were supposed to work. But when they put the bracelets / cards in the person’s pocket and neither the tester or the person being tested knew who had the actual product, they failed every time. By doing that, they took away any mental bias on the part of the person testing, and the person being tested.

In short, save your $100.00 for something that actually works…

Comments (1) | Posted by Tom Steele on December 10, 2009

I was shopping the other night and as I walked down the frozen breakfast foods section of my store, something seemed wrong.  It is very rare that you see EMPTY SPACE in a grocery store and even more rare that you see empty space in the refrigerated or frozen sections of a grocery store.  But that is what I spied out of the corner of my eye.


It was a huge open gap in the frozen foods section of my grocery store.  I looked closer and saw that it was Eggos waffles that were missing from the shelf – and there was a note!


Breaking News!  There is an Eggo Waffles shortage in the United States! I did some research and found this story on what was going on with the Eggos.  It appears that a combination of bacteria being found in some Eggo waffles, and recent flooding in Atlanta has exposed a weak link in the food supply system here in the United States.  Who knew that just a couple of plants being shut down could result in a NATIONAL EGGO WAFFLE SHORTAGE.  Oh the humanity.

Ok, that’s all – you can resume eating breakfast now.  Just no Eggos this morning.

Comments Off on What I Did This Weekend! | Posted by Tom Steele on October 5, 2009

Remember those essays you had to write in school at the beginning of the new year where the teacher would have you write “What I Did Last Summer?” Well, this is kind of like that except it is about what I did this weekend and it is also about what we are going to do next weekend. My wife rounded me and the kids up and we went to an old-fashioned hay-ride at Denver Downs Corn Maize in Anderson. Hawk and I will be broadcasting live there this coming Saturday (October 10th) from 11am-1pm and we’d love to see you there. If you (like me) have no idea what this is all about then I have a bunch of pictures for you from my weekend there.


Probably the most striking thing as you enter Denver Downs is the goats standing on a platform about two stories high up in the air. Kids (and adults) can put goat-feed in buckets and lift them up to the platform and the goats will climb up to get the food. It is pretty awesome. And the kids go nuts to see the goats climbing up there!



There is also a rubber duck racing track where your kids can pump water from an old-fashioned water pump and race their duck to the finish line.


There are plenty of goats, pigs, sheep and cows that the kids can pet and feed as well.


And you can take home your very own pumpkin from the pumpkin patch at Denver Downs Farm!


Bee sure to visit the corn maze…


and get your picture taken with with the pumpkins and flowers.


And your day wouldn’t be complete without a HAY-RIDE!



Check it out for yourself at http://www.denverdownsfarm.com/ and come see us this Saturday, October 10th from 11a-1p as we broadcast live on the radio!


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